Supporting the introduction of new products and services

The Premium Project manager combines experience of the telecommunications market with banking experience. Project targets are being realised on the basis of a pragmatic approach.

Miranda Everts, Manager Operations, MoneYou

Between the first broadcasts of black and white television and those of colour television it took 18 years. A period of time that is in contrast with today, our current period of lots of rapid technological innovations. From a competition viewpoint the available Time to Market becomes shorter and shorter.

Premium supports companies in implementing IT-innovation needed for realising new products and services. We take into account the whole chain, like sales/ordering, delivery, invoicing, collections, and customer service. Our pragmatic approach is targeted on a good balance between quality and time to market.

Colleagues of Premium oversee the whole chain and have without exception more than 10 years experience with the introduction of new services in highly competitive environments. This both from a traditional as well as in Agile Scrum based development environments.

Premium has no financial interest in a specific solution or supplier. That’s why we always can supply you with independent advice. On top of that we always focus on the fitting solution for your company’s business targets.

What customers ask us

What is the effect of introducing a new product (or a new service) on my processes and IT ?

Introducing a new product requires quite some action. Especially when the new products are very different from your current products. Our advice: Take the customer perspective. Describe the complete customer journey: from orientation via buying, service and being invoiced to the moment your customer leaves your service domain again. Note down this journey in a blueprint. Describe in this blueprint in what way the customer is being helped during his journey, what sales channels he may use, what IT support is needed, etc. Use this blueprint in discussions and workshops within your own organisation, (new) business partners and (new) suppliers. This way a coherent story develops that not only describes what product you are going to offer but also how you are going to do this , what it means for your organisation, your partners, your processes and your IT.

Do you want to know more about this approach or are you interested in what way Premium can support you ? If so, please do contact us.

It is said that it takes 6 months before I can launch my product. I do not have that time. Is it really required ?

It can be the case that for a 100% implementation big IT efforts are required. E.g. to support processes that currently are not existing, or to make new interfaces to 3rd parties. But the current competition requires short Time to Market and the fast moving environment is not in sync with long lasting time intensive realisation projects.
Our advice is to research the possibilities into a phased realisation. When using “Agile” development a phased approach is inherently part of the method. But also in traditional development delivering in steps should be openmindedly considered.

Premium colleagues can take care of that interaction and give you an answer to your question along the way. That can be in the role of “Product Owner” in an Agile environment, or as a consultant in a traditional development environment.

Do I need new IT for my new product or new service ?

Premium often experiences situations in which the IT is the result of tens of years of incremental and often product oriented development. That causes a lack of flexibility and adaptability, high costs for maintenance and a non-optimal process and product support. In that case it can be a good idea to consider a different route than continuing the existing IT. This is not without risk and asks for a very explicit and well thought through decision. Premium can help you for example with a Quick Scan, answering the question if applying standard software or the use of Application Service Provider (ASP) services in your specific case is the right choice. We do know a lot of standard software available in the market. If the answer is positive, we can help you to choose the right software as an independent party.

In a personal dialogue we can advice you on an approach we would favour, based on our experience in similar projects.

How do I get my organisation involved in the introduction of new products and services ?

A good question that should be asked more often. Your service machine must be able, after an introduction, to answer questions of your customers regarding your product. The realised IT must be taken into maintenance after the initial project. Therefore it is important that all stakeholders are identified early on, together with their roles and involvement. This way the stakeholders can tell what they need to do their maintenance work after the product has been introduced. These are requirements that must be passed on to the project. We have good experience with assigning enthusiastic part time “liaison officers”, as the linking pin between a department and a project.
Additionally it is important to take the stakeholders along in steering the project. That can be realised via a Steering Group, or (when using Agile) via the Sprint Review meetings. Easy accessible communication like soapbox sessions increase the involvement of the organisation.

Premium project leaders and Business Consultants will involve stakeholders sufficiently and timely. Stakeholder involvement and assurance are “burned on our retina”.

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