Simplifying and optimising processes and IT

Premium consultants have a clear mind and know how to use it.

Menno Emmink, End-to-end Billing Process Manager, Telfort

Premium’s external, fresh and knowledgeable view helps at identifying improvements and simplifications. In close collaboration with you, our customer, we found realistic opportunities. Besides subject matter expertise of our Premium colleagues especially the way of working together with our customer is very much appreciated.

Premium has a track record of simplifying complex processes and IT. We help you at implementing the possibilities we find together with you, where we keep a sharp eye on the benefits we like to monetise. Also here the close collaboration with the customer turns out to be our key to success.

When IT is simplified migrations of big quantities of data (like customer data, product data, tariffs, contracts) can be required. Premium has both the expert knowledge as well as the tooling to implement said migrations in a controlled and transparent way.

This expertise and tooling can also be used to audit process chains qualitatively. Using our Revenue assurance measurements we already identified millions of Euro’s of non-invoiced revenues.

What customers ask us

How can we both better help our customers ánd reduce costs at the same time?

This target can be achieved in several ways. E.g. by:

  • simplifying commercial propositions
  • automating manual work
  • ”smarter” processes
  • better self-care possibilities for the customer

Simplification, focussing on the customer ánd better usage of automation are key. Also often inefficient processes and IT are historically inherited and a fixed routine is thought to be immutable. Premium employees are independent and have knowledge how different companies have implemented process and IT costs reductions while increasing customer satisfaction.

How do I simplify my IT landscape?

Especially for incrementally developed IT a lot can be gained by rationalisation. Attention is often on Time to Market for new products, process support and Total cost of ownership. An analysis can show if simplification of the IT-landscape is sensible and in which direction a solution must be found. For this Premium has developed an agile based method. In a Timebox, in close contact with several stakeholders, all relevant aspects are inspected. Important aspects are e.g. processes, products and IT. By considering these subjects in their mutual coherence in an early phase risks are more completely identified.

My IT is very complex. How do I know for sure that I fulfil customer agreements and not miss revenue?

IT-process-chains can be very complex and little transparent. How do you know for sure that you aren’t delivering your customers services without putting these on the invoice ? Or that orders fall out of the ordering process ? Not always a sufficient overview is available over the whole chain to judge the quality of the chain on those aspects. Premium has a lot of experience with auditing complex IT-chains and has developed tooling that can be used to check the consistency between several data sources used in the information processing. Based on this tooling ánd by choosing the checkpoints wisely, we can X-ray your process if it functions correctly. We can perform this as a unique action or deliver this as a service to enable continuous process improvement.

How do I take care that my customers are not hindered as a result of the data migration to the new IT ?

If you migrate to a new IT-environment a controlled data migration is very important. This is easier said than done.

  • You may experience data pollution in your current environment
  • The new IT-environment may have different demands for the way data is defined than in the old environment
  • New data, not required in the old environment, may be required. Examples are obligatory fields like “age” or “telephone number”
  • It can be the case that in the new environment product propositions are taken like not supporting too old products any more. These old products may still have customers . These customer groups must be identified and it must be decided what to do with these customers

These are only a few points to take into account when migrating data. Premium has both the expertise and the tooling to perform complex data migrations in a controlled way. We use a stepwise approach where we perform test-migrations that identify problematic issues to be solved. With every step of the preparation the quality of the migration process is improved. We have done this in environments with millions of customers and a big variation in services.

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